Factory Play Set


Here is Madame Soo Sew, famous New York Hat and Dress designer. She has turned her House of Fashion into a Mask Factory and now makes masks and gowns for our doctors and nurses. HATS off to you, Madame Soo Sew.

Ms. Dee Lux, Former International Runway Star, and now Fashion Critic: While walking down the runway, she turned her ankle wearing notoriously high heels, and has now turned to activism, “Sanity in Clothing” top to bottom.

Taylor Fhit, Head Designer / Pattern Maker: If the design and pattern is not done just right, Taylor has been known to get upset and throw a “fit”.

Mr. Ziggy Zag, Shop Foreman: Mr. Ziggy makes everyone dizzy as he Zigs and Zags around the studio, checking that each garment is done properly and on time.

And not to forget, SOSO, Madame Soo Sew’s parrot: Who can mimic anyone and everyone…


The Dressmakers Dummy

The Mask Bin

The Sewing Machines


House of Sew, Fashion Studio

The Runway

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