The CovidBeaters Story

Once upon a time, everyone was happy. Boys and girls played with friends, went to the park and had a good time. Then, out of nowhere came a Small BUG. So small, you could not see, hear or smell. This bug did not bite, but once inside you it made you sick.

This bug is, “Bugsy”, the Covid-19 virus. Don’t be scared because help is on the way. Doctors and scientists all around the world are working to make everyone well!

Our Doctors tell us to be safe we need to wear face masks outside, and to stay six feet away from people who are not our family. If another person coughs or sneezes on you, Bugsy might get you. Bopper and Smacker show us how to Social Distance.

Doctors are working hard on a cure. They turn Bugsy into a goo. It will go into a vaccine to help our bodies fight him. Many tests are needed to make one that works safely for everyone. Robo-2B helps track the many samples.

Washing our hands with plenty of soap and water is the best thing we can do to stay heathy. The Doctors have created a zoo like cage to hold Bugsy, where he can be washed down and cannot hurt you. They also use a robo lab and sanitation unit to help test people for the virus.

Madame Soo Sew, a famous New York fashion designer, and friend of the doctors, has turned her studio into a factory. It makes much needed facial masks and gowns for our doctors and essential workers. HATS off to you Madame Soo Sew.

If something worries you talk to Mommy and Daddy. Remember, the whole world is fighting Bugsy. Together we will be CovidBeaters, if we all listen to the medical experts, and march to the beat of the same drum.

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