Warehouse Play Set


Ms. Purr Chase, the Purchasing Agent: She buys masks, test tubes, reagents and testing equipment.

Gracie Gettit, Warehouse Controller: She monitors all equipment received and determines where they are needed.

George Gogh, Warehouse Dispatcher: George arranges for transporting the equipment to the designated locations of need.

Mr. I. C. Yew, Security Officer: Mr. Yew guards and protects all staff and equipment from theft and damage.


Pallet Jack: Tows the warehouse goods to and fro.

R.S.U – Robo Sanitation Unit: Helps with personal cleansing and sanitizing for people without the proper health care items, such as soap, water and hand sanitizer.

Robo Lab: This mobile laboratory tests people for the virus near their home and place of employment.

Social Distancing Monitor: Reminds adults and children to stay six feet apart from each other to prevent contaminated droplets from peoples’ mouths from contact.